Being one of the privileged towns to have a view of Taal Lake and Volcano and enjoy the proximity as well, Laurel is a tourism heaven for both nature lovers and for travellers who would want to experience world-class accommodation.

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Aside from these tourism spots and world-class accommodations, one of the best assets of Laurel is its friendly and hospitable people.

The people of Laurel, Batangas welcomes tourists and even assist them in their needs.

Laurel is basically a home of pure Batangueños or Batangueñas where residents fluently speak Tagalog or even deep Tagalog words so strange to hear but of common meaning. About 70% of the population can understand and speak English.

Tourism is becoming one of the most important social and economic activities in the world today. Many cities have universally recognized the benefits of tourism. However, it is imperative that before starting up any tourism strategy, “Planning should be the vital part in boosting tourism. Laurel is one of the towns in Batangas which is boosting with natural and potential tourism site. That is why together with the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, the Sangguniang Bayan and the Municipal Mayor Hon. Randy James E. Amo, Laurel is being pushed to become one of the most promising tourist spot not only in Batangas but the whole country as well. Who knows, this may become an international tourist attraction in the future.